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Administrative Staff


Suh Chen Hsiao  蕭夙真​  

Implement Policy directed by the school board, and coordinate activities between all task groups

Vice Principal, Academic Affairs

Ching Yi Wang  王靜宜

Class arrangement, curriculum, teaching materials, teacher's training

Vice Principal, General Affairs

Shirley Tang  唐孝宜​​​

School's general affairs, disciplinary matters, student/school safety, and election matters


​Bing Zhi​  ​植冰

Financial management and reporting, responsible for school's budget projection, payroll, reimbursements and all other financial activities

Director, Information Technology (IT)

Sheng Lin

Provide information technological support including consultation, design, testing and implementation.

Director, Taiwan Center

Ching-Yi Wang 王靜宜

Coordinate Taiwan Center classes and adult learning 

Director, Office Administration

Yenyao Hsieh

Coordinate school library and office administration

Director, Registration

Michelle Shih

Student registration, refund approval, and perform updates of student information

Director, Extracurricular Classes

Stone Mays  石淑媖

Coordinate extracurricular classes

Director, Academic Affairs

Hailan Liang 梁海莲

Coordinate teacher and curriculum evaluation, school survey

Director, Student Events
Jane Zhou 周 静波

Coordinate academic competitions

Director, ​School Events


Coordinate cultural and sports events

Board of Directors

​​​Suh Chen Hsiao  蕭夙真​


Shirley Tang  唐孝宜

Vice Principal General Affairs

Esther Chyn 宋小真

Teacher Representative A Track

Hui Zhao 趙輝

Teacher Representative B Track

Ching Yi Wang  王靜宜

Vice Principal Academic Affairs

Bing Zhi  植冰


Kathryn Barrett (A-Track), Shuo-Ju Chou (At-Large)

and Fausto Rodriguez (B-Track)
Parent Representatives

Ali Liu  劉安琪

Historian, Appointed/Non-voting Member

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