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Families are what make Westside Chinese School unique.  Entirely administered by parent volunteers, families are an integral part of the school and form our core community. 


The Parents & Teachers Association (PTA) of Westside Chinese School is organized to support teachers and parents as we all work together to improve the school, and organize key fundraising efforts,. 


The PTA of Westside Chinese School encourages families to get involved and create a nurturing and fun-filled school community.  All of our efforts are geared to create the kind of community that supports our teachers, cherishes our children, and creates pathways for their future success.  We encourage 100% of families to not only enjoy PTA events, but to jump in to add new and exciting elements to our efforts.  


Join one or more committees so that the tradition of these events can continue. We encourage new ideas for fun and fundraising. 

PTA President & Parent Representatives

Each Spring, a new PTA President and Parent Representatives in A and B Tracks are elected by the school community responsible for ensuring that Teachers and TAs are appreciated through holiday gifts, and for directing Committee Chairpersons, and advising the committees for each of the PTA special events. PTA events include the New Year Carnival, Memorial Day Weekend Camping Trip and the non-academic portion of the End of Year Celebration. 

Class Coordinators

The PTA and Parent Reps head a Class Coordinator committee. Class Coordinators help teachers by being the primary liaison between the Board or the teacher, and the parents for that classroom.  In addition, the Class Coordinators stay in contact with the PTA and Parent Reps, in order to stay informed of overall school events as well as to facilitate classroom obligations.



For over 50 years, Westside Chinese School has been a parent volunteer-run organization.  From administration and academics to traffic and safety to food service to our cultural events and carnivals, our school can only exist with help from our families.  We thank our families for their service and dedication.  See Volunteer Service for details.

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