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Volunteer Service

Required Volunteer Service 

The Chinese Language School of Southern California (aka Westside Chinese School) is a non-profit organization managed entirely by parent volunteers with employed professional language teachers. Pay a visit any Saturday morning during the school year, and you'll see what a difference this approach makes.


Because the school is family-run, it's decidedly family-friendly. With student talent shows, fresh-cooked Chinese meals served at recess, cultural festivals and camping trips, Westside Chinese School is a place where everyone in your family - not just the ones studying Chinese language - can learn and grow.

From administration and academics to traffic and safety to food service to our cultural events and carnivals, our school can only exist with help from our families. 

Each family is required to perform TWENTY (20) points of service for each academic year to help run our school and build our amazing community.

The following families are exempt from the service point requirement:

  • Families with ONLY Parent & Me registration

  • Families with ONLY in Taiwan Center for Mandarin Learning registration

A Volunteer Service Deposit is required at New Family Registration to ensure commitment of volunteer service each year. Additional fees may be charged if points are not fulfilled.  See Tuition and Fees and Refund Policy for details.

Some exceptions may apply. Please contact the Service Points Coordinator for more information.

We thank all of our families for their service and dedication.

CLSSC reserves the right to change or modify policies at its discretion.

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