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Tuition & Fees

2023-2024 Tuition and Fees

Regular (PA/PB through 12A/12B)

Fall/Full Tuition - $1000 per student
Discount of $100 applies until 7/31/2023 for Early bird enrollment - $900
30 weeks of instruction.  Volunteer service required.

Spring Semester only - $668 per student
Prorated volunteer service (13 points) required.

Parent & Me (ages 3-5)

Fall and Spring Semester - $580 per student
Spring Semester only - $388 per student

Volunteer service required if concurrently enrolled in P-12 classes.

Taiwan Center for Mandarin Learning (curriculum designed for adults)

Fall Semester - $500
Spring Semester - $500

Volunteer service required if concurrently enrolled in P-12 classes.

Extracurricular Classes

$200 per CLSSC student for full school calendar year
$133 per CLSSC student for Spring semester only

$250 per school calendar year for parent of CLSSC student
$166 for Spring Semester only for parent of CLSSC student

$300 per person per school calendar year for non-CLSSC families 
$200 per person for Spring semester only for non-CLSSC families 

Material Fees - Some classes require additional project or material fees.  Material fees determined and collected by instructors.

​New Family Registration Fee - $100

A non-refundable registration fee applies to all families registering at CLSSC/Westside Chinese School for the first-time.

Volunteer Service Deposit - $200

All families must complete 20 points of volunteer service for CLSSC/Westside Chinese School each academic year with the exception of families enrolled only in Parent & Me and/or Taiwan Center classes.  A deposit is required at New Family Registration to ensure commitment of volunteer service.  Unfulfilled service points will result in a charge of $20 per point.


If outstanding charges are not paid, the service deposit will be forfeited to cover the balance or a portion of the balance and any remainder will be billable.  The service deposit may also be forfeited if enrollment is not continued for the following academic year and no refund request is submitted with proper documentation.  See Refund Policy.

See Volunteer Service and Volunteer Opportunities for open positions and to avoid unfulfilled service point charges.

CLSSC reserves the right to change or modify policies at its discretion.

2022-2023 Fees and Refund Policies

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