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Tuition & Fees

Annual Tuition $900

Applies to PA/PB through 12A/12B for 30 weeks of instruction per student.

Discount of $100 applies to Early bird enrollment ($800).  

Parent & Me  $480

Taiwan Center for Mandarin Learning  $400

13 weeks of instruction; curriculum designed for adults

EC Class Fees:
$150 per school calendar year for CLSSC student
$200 per school calendar year for parent of CLSSC student
$250 per person per school calendar year for non-CLSSC families

Material Fees: Some classes require additional project or material fees.  It is determined and collected by the instructors.

New Family Registration Fee $100
A non-refundable registration fee applies to all P-12 families including families only enrolled in Parent & Me.  Registration fee for Taiwan Center students is waived.  Families discontinuing enrollment for more than one academic year of P-12 or Parent & Me instruction will be charged a New Family Registration fee upon re-enrollment.  Family numbers not active for more than one year will expire.

Volunteer Service Deposit of $200
A deposit is required at New Family Registration (excluding Parent & Me-only and Taiwan Center families) to ensure fulfillment of 20 volunteer points per year. The Volunteer Service deposit is carried over each year, but continued enrollment for next academic year is contingent on fulfilling 20 service points or paying the charge of $20 per unfulfilled service point. See Volunteer Opportunities for open positions and to avoid unfulfilled service point charges.

The Volunteer Service Deposit is refundable when families leave the school, providing the following:

  • Refund request/Intent to Withdraw is submitted within one year from the end of the enrolled academic year. The Volunteer Service Deposit is forfeited beyond this time and the family number expires.  

  • 20 volunteer service points are fulfilled. For any unfulfilled service points, $20 per point will be subtracted from the deposit. 


No refund will be issued if both of the above are not fulfilled.  Family numbers expire beyond one year of inactivity or once the refund is processed.  All families must pay both Registration fee and Service Deposit after the family number expires in order to register.


See Refund Policy.

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