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Note:  Classes may be combined if enrollment minimums are not met.

PA (Room 21)

Chu, Sabrina 朱紅

PB (Room 26)

Xu, Shiqi 许诗琪

1A (Room 23)

Lan, Cindy 蓝文霞

1B (Room 31)

Xu, Hanyue 徐涵玥


2A (Room 25)

Yu, Cheng Ling  于正玲

2B (Room 24)

Zhao, Hui 趙輝

3A  (Room 27)

Xie, Ting  謝婷

3B (Room 28)

Reioux, Duping 張杜平

4A (Room 6)

Gong, Angela  龔瑜

4B (Room 7)

Li, Ellen 李怡菁

5A (Room 8)

Li, Wenli 李 文 丽

5B (Room 9)

Constantinescu, Molly  方琳

6A (Room 10)

Chen, Janet 陳曄

6B (Room 12)

Chai, Erin  柴銀杏

7A (Room 13)

Song, Esther  宋小真

8/9A (Room 16)

Wang, Daisy  王曉琳

7/8/9B (Room 14)

Zhao, Catherine 赵艳波

10/11/12A (Room 17)

Jaw, Huei-Chung  顏慧中

Parent & Me 1 & 2 (Room 5)

Silides, Stephen 谢闿

Zhang, Ailin (Linda) 张霭琳

TCML #1 (Room 18)

Lee, Ji-Ann  李基安

TCML #2 (Room 18)

Wallace, Eve  施佩宜

Work With Us

Westside Chinese School is a volunteer-based organization, but our teachers are salaried employees.  Apply for a job with us today!

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