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Our Curriculum


The school is organized on a two-track system:  

"A" track is for children who speak Chinese at home (i.e. heritage learners)

"B" track is for those families without a Chinese background

Our tracks begin with PA or PB for kindergarten students and move up one grade per year.  Based on age and academic level, students are placed in the appropriate level class from kindergarten through grade 12.  Both tracks teach traditional and simplified Chinese characters as well as Zhuyin and Pinyin phonic systems.  Students may choose their preferred version to practice. 


Beginning in September, the school year runs for approximately 30 weeks and ends in June.  Classes meet Saturday mornings with two recess breaks, the second of which features a delicious Chinese meal for purchase.

Classes are accepted for course credit at most high schools. View information about LAUSD Foreign Language Credits.  Students can also participate in extracurricular Chinese cultural classes such as calligraphy, dance, martial arts.  Academic competitions are also available throughout the year.  


We also offer classes for adult learning and Parent & Me classes for students age 3 to 5 during our normal school hours. 

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