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Parent & Me

Children 3 to 5 years old are to introduced to the Chinese language in an enjoyable environment where they are encouraged to share their feelings freely.  We use many different ways to introduce the Chinese language including songs, story, rhymes, dance, finger play and crafts.  Children have fun, enjoy learning and speaking Chinese and are introduced to customs, culture and major Chinese holidays such as the Moon Festival and Chinese New Year.   Students will also use Chinese to discuss American holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Parent & Me 1

For beginning students 3 years and up with no experience in Mandarin Chinese.

Parent & Me 2

For students who have previously attended Parent & Me class or have learned some Mandarin Chinese before and can partially follow Mandarin Chinese instructions and respond in Mandarin Chinese. 

See Our Schedule for class times.


Parent Participation

Each student must be accompanied by only one parent for the entire whole class period. This is not a drop-and-go class.  If two children from the same family are registered for the same class, two parents shall be present in the class during the whole class period. 

Siblings who are not registered for the class are not allowed to be present in the class.

Volunteer Service Requirement

See Volunteer Service for requirements and exceptions. 


Tuition Fees and Enrollment
See Tuition & Fees and Registration for more details.

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