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Best Practices for maintaining and updating this website.

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Internal document for the Webmaster only.  Not for public viewing purposes.

Critical Annual Updates

Pages with this border at the top:  

  • Registration

  • Tuition & Fees

  • Refund Policy

  • Volunteer Opportunities

  • School Calendar

  • Service Points

These pages include critical information about fees, deadlines and external links.   Keep external links text that that change annually (ie. Cognito forms for registration) to these pages.  

Non-Critical Periodic Page Updates

  • Blog pages: 1-2 times/month

  • About page: Principal's Message - when there is a change of Principal

  • Admin/Board roster page: Annually

  • Teachers roster page:  Annually

  • News Updates page:  Periodically

  • Westside Breeze page:  Twice Annually

  • Events pages:  Annually or Periodically dependent on the event

  • Family Photo Gallery:  When photos available

  • "Teachers Page" (under Families):  When photos available or change in forms

All other pages

Update only when there is a change of policy (permanent changes)

External links and links to forms

Post unique links to forms and to one page only to avoid updating in numerous locations.  Page reference links can be used in other places.  Example:  Link to Cognito form is on Registration page under only one button; all other references on pages link to the Registration page.

Official colors

Borders and Backgrounds:  Red B00C0C and White FFFFFF  

Text colors:  Red/Black 3E0C0C or Black 000000 or White FFFFFF

Page Content

All pages and blog posts should have the following elements:

  • Text: 

    • Who

    • What

    • When

    • Where

The body of the text should include who should participate in this event/program, what will happen, when it will be and where to go.   

  • An image - at least one; photos are best

QC Checklist for All Content Modifications

1.  Check links and buttons

2. Check display on Mobile (watch for hidden items)

3. Create translation in Chinese

4. Check links in Chinese

5. Check Chinese text display on Mobile

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