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Classroom Discipline/Disruption Policy for the Chinese Language School of Southern California


The Chinese Language School of Southern California (aka Westside Chinese School) is devoted to a positive, fun, and enriching classroom environment.  Since attendance at school is by choice, we feel that our students are owed the opportunity to enjoy the learning of Chinese with no disruptions.  

Attendance at CLSSC is a privilege. Therefore, disruptions and distractions by students will not be tolerated. All students are expected to adhere to the school rules and policies.

The basic in-class rules are:

  1. Follow the teachers' directions.

  2. Verbal or physical threats or actions will not be tolerated. 

  3. Never leave the classroom without approval from the teacher.

  4. Be courteous when anyone is addressing the class.  

  5. Keep the classroom neat.  

  6. Be on-time and bring everything you need to class.  

  7. Do not touch any of the materials in the class. 

  8. Respect others. Do not touch other students.  

  9. Students are not allowed to leave campus without either a parent escort or a written note from a parent or guardian.


The teacher has the responsibility to maintain a safe and orderly learning environment.  Teachers are empowered to employ progressive disciplinary measures as they deem appropriate.

The following are the steps that the teacher can utilize. At any time, the teacher can send or call an administrator to have a disruptive student immediately removed from the classroom. In addition, the child could be immediately expelled at the discretion of the School Board.
First Level:  A conference between teacher, student, and parent.

Second Level:  A written report will be submitted to CLSSC Disciplinary Committee. Parents are copied.  A parent will be required to be present in the classroom for a period that is determined by the teacher.

Third Level: The matter will be turned over to the board and disciplinary actions could include expulsion.

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