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School Regulations for the
Chinese Language School of Southern California

General Rules

  • The school is in session on Saturdays from 8:45 a. m. to 11:45 a. m.  Extracurricular activities start at 11:45 a. m. and end at 12:45 p. m.  Students are required to arrive and leave school on time.  Parents shall notify the instructors of absence, late arrival, and early departure. 

  • ​Parents shall park their cars in appropriate places as indicated on the campus map or instructed by traffic control personnel when dropping off or picking up students around the campus.  As a courtesy to nearby residents, do not honk and please minimize noise. 

  • ​Smoking is strictly prohibited both indoors and outdoors on campus. 

  • Students shall not bring weapons (e.g. knives, guns, laser pointers) or controlled substances to school.  If found, items will be confiscated and violators punished.

  • No drink or food except water is allowed in the classroom and in the hallway.  Violators will receive one warning and food and drink will be confiscated.

  • No loitering outside the classroom is allowed when the class is in session.  Violators will receive one warning or the parent will be notified to personally supervise his/her own child.

  • Students shall treat each other and teachers with courtesy and respect. No inappropriate language, verbal harassment or unwanted physical contact either in the classrooms or during breaks will be tolerated.  

  • Students are required to observe all the rules and follow instructions of instructors and school administrations.  The school will send a written notification to the parents of the violator.  The violator will receive one warning or be expelled, as the case may be.

  • No tuition will be refunded to expellees.



Classroom Rules

  • Students are prohibited from using any stationery, books, apparatus, instruments, animals and any other objects that belong to Grand View Boulevard Elementary School.  Violators will receive one warning.  The parents shall be responsible for any damage or shortages.

  • Any instructions or messages left on the blackboard by instructors of Grand View Boulevard Elementary School shall not be erased.  In the case when there is not enough room on the board to work with, portable whiteboards are available in the storage for instructions.

  • When instruction ends, desks shall be restored to the original location and chairs shall be set on the top of the desks.  Make sure the classroom is clean and all trashes are removed from the classroom.

  • Only the teaching assistant(s) on duty is allowed to stay in the classroom while the class is in session.  Other parents who wish to stay in the classroom to audit or help shall obtain permission from the instructor.

  • Parents staying in the classroom shall observe all the Classroom Rules.  Unless requested by the instructor, parents shall be seated quietly in the rear section of the classroom at all time.  Parents are prohibited from walking around in the classroom, chatting or interrupting the teaching in any manner.

  • Parents are prohibited from staying in the classroom when quizzes or tests are in progress.

  • No electronic devices, including phones, iPads, iPods, PDAs, video game machines and MP3s, are allowed to be used without the instructor’s prior permission during the instruction sessions. Instructors shall give warnings or confiscate the devices while the instruction session is in progress or send the devices to administration for repeated violations.  If the device is sent to administration, only parent(s) or legal guardians can go to the administration in person to receive the device. While the device is confiscated, the school and instructors are not responsible for the device in case the device is damaged or no longer functional. 

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