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PTA Mooncake Sale

Help raise funds for our school by ordering these delicious mooncakes from 85°C Bakery for your family and friends for the Moon Festival. Proceeds will benefit the Chinese Language School of Southern California and its programs. Your choice of two styles of mooncakes, all individually wrapped.

  • ​Taiwanese Style - (9/box), 3 of each flavor: Taro Mochi, Dong Po, Golden Yolk Red Bean - $32

  • Cantonese Style - (8/box), 2 of each flavor: Walnut Date Mochi, Almond Lotus Seed, Pineapple Yolk, Red Bean Yolk - $32

Supplies are limited. Preorder by September 21, 2023 now and support our school!

Pickup scheduled for Saturday, September 23th, 2023.

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